On Sunday, December 19th, friends and neighbors of Kalamazoo will gather to support the Edison Neighbor Community at Stockbridge Avenue United Methodist Church for A Kalamazoo Christmas!

We will be serving guests in need a full Christmas dinner as well as provide them with warm clothing to help them through the cold winter months.

YOU CAN HELP by VOLUNTEER-ing your time or even DONATE-ing needed items (see the More Info page for details of items needed and drop-off sites).


Then join us again for A Kalamazoo Christmas Afterglow Celebration on Sunday, January 9, 2011 to reflect on and celebrate the many lives we will touch on the day of the event and for months afterwards!

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Here's what volunteers are sayingOn any given day in the U.S. there are over 842,000 people living homeless. In Kalamazoo, 36% of our population live below the poverty level. 38,000 needed food assistance. This event is an opportunity to show we care and are willing to take our time to help those who need us most.

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